søndag 22. november 2009

A dress for my niece

I just had to knit this dress, and what's better than giving it to my little niece for christmas? It's made from the pattern "Fionas top" by Rasmilla. It's knitted in thin alpaca from Du Store Alpakka.

Another Dayflower Camisole

I just love this pattern, so I had to knit one more. This one is made with olive green Muskat from Drops.


I just had to blog these, even they are almost 20 years old! I knitted these while I was a kid, and they were my first attempt on knitting with two colours. The pattern is a traditional norwegian one, and it's knitted in 100% wool. I think I was about 10 years when I made these, and with a little good will they still fit!

søndag 15. november 2009

One skein can make a baby set!

This whole set is knit of one skein New Zealand lambswool, and it's made in size 6-9 months. I just love how this yarn just lasts...and lasts. I'll definately buy more of this once I find a suitable project!

The set is made for my future kids, if I'm lucky enough. It's light blue with a grey tint. The buttons are made of shells, and is about the same colour as the yarn, though they have a nice, darker shine to them.

The jacket, mittens and bonnet is from the book "Strikk til Nøstebarn", while the booties are a pattern from Dansk Mohair.

tirsdag 18. august 2009


I have started on the dress "Topstykke", but I'm not sure if the size is right! I think I'll have to replace the knitpicks with some yarn and try it on before I knit any further...

Knits for kids!

I have been knitting more for my future children, and this time it is a little baby jacket with matching booties, mittens and a baby hat. Patterns are from Nøstebarn, mostly from the book "Strikk til Nøstebarn". I still need to sew the garments together, and I will post some more pics when they are finished! :)

Vest from "Feminin strikk"

I have started knitting the vest from the book "Feminin Strikk" (Feminine knits). I knit in the original yarn, Sandnes Alpakka, in a very nice petrol colour. It feels really smooth against my HW knitpicks and I am looking foreward to having this vest on cold days!

Baby blanket "det hele kongerige"

My baby blanket is finished! Actually, it has been done for over a month, but my camera has been broken. It is now fixed (finally!), and I can start blogging again!
The pattern is called "det hele kongerige" and it is the blanket seen wrapped around the little danish prince. It is knitted in merci, a yarn with 50% egyptian cotton and 50% merino wool. It is really soft and cosy!

onsdag 12. august 2009

Waiting for my camera

My camera is still at the camera hospital, and I have been waiting for it for three weeks now. I have things to blog!

I have finished my baby blanket (Det hele kongeriget) and my Dayflower Camisole. I am almost finished with my little baby jacket, and I have finished a little baby hat to go with it. And I still have yarn left for a pair of baby socks!

I am also knitting a vest for myself in alpaca, and it's so soft and cosy. It's my favourite project these days, but the rib is exhausting for my hands. I think I need a project with less purling now. ;)

And no, I'm not having a baby yet, I just love knitting those small garments. :)

søndag 7. juni 2009

A little dress for my new niece

My sister and her husband got a little girl in late april, and I have finally finished a knitted summer dress for her! It is size 6 months, so it will hopefully fit the whole summer and even a little bit longer. I guess it will be ankle lenght now, but she will grow into it soon. :)

It is knitted with a 100% cotton yarn called Mandarin Petit, and the pattern is from Dalegarn number 210. The buttons are mother-of-pearls bought at Stoff&Stil.

lørdag 16. mai 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I have started blogging all over again, after the slow death of my old blog. By starting over, I hope that both the knitting and blogging motivation rises again. I have lots of projects going on, and hope to finish at least some of them. I bet some of them should have been frogged a long time ago, but I am terrified of frogging things, so they often just end up in a bag somewhere instead. My goal is to start frogging things, or finish them.

I just love the Harmony Woods knit picks, and I have just bought some more for my collection! There are 15cm long double pointed sets in sizes 2, 2,5, 3,5 and 4mm, more cables (including 5 40cm), one double pointed crochet needle (3 and 3,5mm), 10cm knit pics to go on the 20cm cables from 3-4,5mm and some little hinges for joing cables together. Knitting will be even more fun now!