tirsdag 18. august 2009


I have started on the dress "Topstykke", but I'm not sure if the size is right! I think I'll have to replace the knitpicks with some yarn and try it on before I knit any further...

Knits for kids!

I have been knitting more for my future children, and this time it is a little baby jacket with matching booties, mittens and a baby hat. Patterns are from Nøstebarn, mostly from the book "Strikk til Nøstebarn". I still need to sew the garments together, and I will post some more pics when they are finished! :)

Vest from "Feminin strikk"

I have started knitting the vest from the book "Feminin Strikk" (Feminine knits). I knit in the original yarn, Sandnes Alpakka, in a very nice petrol colour. It feels really smooth against my HW knitpicks and I am looking foreward to having this vest on cold days!

Baby blanket "det hele kongerige"

My baby blanket is finished! Actually, it has been done for over a month, but my camera has been broken. It is now fixed (finally!), and I can start blogging again!
The pattern is called "det hele kongerige" and it is the blanket seen wrapped around the little danish prince. It is knitted in merci, a yarn with 50% egyptian cotton and 50% merino wool. It is really soft and cosy!

onsdag 12. august 2009

Waiting for my camera

My camera is still at the camera hospital, and I have been waiting for it for three weeks now. I have things to blog!

I have finished my baby blanket (Det hele kongeriget) and my Dayflower Camisole. I am almost finished with my little baby jacket, and I have finished a little baby hat to go with it. And I still have yarn left for a pair of baby socks!

I am also knitting a vest for myself in alpaca, and it's so soft and cosy. It's my favourite project these days, but the rib is exhausting for my hands. I think I need a project with less purling now. ;)

And no, I'm not having a baby yet, I just love knitting those small garments. :)